Minnesota Auto & Driver’s License of Brainerd
Brainerd License Office 623 NW 4th St Brainerd, MN 56401 218-855-5169 brainerd@licensemn.com
MOTOR VEHICLE, DNR, DRIVERS LICENSE FORMS & MANUALS Most Common Forms listed, for a more detailed list of forms please go to: drive.mn.gov
Administrative Review / Approval of Sale (PS31125 2/16) Administrative Impound Plates (PS2041 7/23) Cancellation of Mobile Home (PS2905 3/22) Correction of Ownership (PS2025B 5/18) Correction of Title Odometer (PS2025A 5/21) Crash Record Request (PS2503 11/23) Disability License Plate 2nd Plate Request (7/21) Disability Plate Application (PS2904 12/21) Disability Parking Certificate (PS2005 7/23) Due Diligence (PS2026 9/21) Duplicate Plates and/or Stickers (PS2067B 1/16) Duplicate Title, Registration, Cab or Lien Card (PS2067A 11/17) Lien Release, Grant or Assignment of Secured Interest (PS2017 10/23) Off Road Motorcycle Certification Checklist (PS30399 12/11) Permission to Purchase Registration Tabs Private Data Request (PS33202 8/21) Reconstruction for Trailers (8/15) Record Authorization Form (PS2506 11/18) Record Request (PS2502 10/19) Refund (PS2511 11/19) Repossession/ Title Application (PS2024 5/18) Special Plate Application (PS2010 1/24) Special Plate Brochure (1/22) Statement of Facts (PS2002 9/16) Surviving Spouse / Not Subject to Probate (PS2071 4/13) Title & Registration (PS2000 1/24) Transfer on Death (PS2004 9/17) Underage Affidavit DRIVERS LICENSE FORMS & MANUALS Approved Translation Vendors (9/23) Autism Spectrum / Mental Health Indicator/Emergency Contact (7/23) CDL Medical Self Certification (PS33203 3/21) Certificate of Translation (PS33210 8/23) Farm Work License (PS30188 7/23) Identification Requirements for Standard & DL for All (10-23) Identification Requirements for Enhanced DL & ID (5/19) Identification Requirements for Real DL & ID (8/23) Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement (PS31202 12/21) Last Use Statement (PS31083 1/21) Petition for Variance of Proper Identification (PS33160 1/16) Petition for Variance for Religious Conflict (PS30371 1/16) Petition for Variance for Homebound (PS2907 11/21) Private Data Request (PS33202 3/19) Reduced Fee ID Card Verification (PS33117 3/19) Refund (PS31081 11/21) Reporting At Risk Drivers (PS31924 1/16) Restriction Removal Notification (PS2122 5/12) Seasonal Farm CDL Waiver (PS30060 2/23) Seizure / Loss of Consciousness (PS31015 2/16) Special Review (PS310861/21) Supervised Driving Log (6/21) Vanessa Law Letter (10/18) Vision Report - Ophthalmologist Examination (PS30338 10/16) Voluntary Surrender (PS33061A 7/16) Withdrawal of Parental Consent (PS33061B 5/21) DRIVERS LICENSE STUDY MANUALS Commercial Driver’s Manual (January 2022) Minnesota Driver’s Manual (November 2021) Motorcycle, Motorized Bicycle and Electric-Assisted Bicycle Manual (November 2021) DNR FORMS Bill of Sale for Non-Titled Vehicles Corrected Title & Correction of Ownership Data Request Duplicate Title Lien Release, Grant or Assignment of Secured Interest Permission to Purchase Registration Registration Form (Non-Titled) Registration Form (Titled) Repossession Statement of Facts Surviving Spouse / Not Subject to Probate Third Party Consent Transfer on Death Forms are as current as time allows & subject to change
Business hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Mon-Fri excluding holidays
If you have trouble opening these forms, Click Here
If you have trouble opening these forms, Click Here